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Chaos D's love for Hardcore took form upon listening to the well known Happy 2B Hardcore series mixed by Anabolic Frolic and the popular Bonkers series brought together by DJ's/Producers Hixxy and Sharkey. In 2005, he learned of the rave scene and has been partying ever since.


Chaos D acquired his first set of decks in 2007 and his determination set in to deliver a vibe only he could present. Assimilating as many skills and tricks as possible from other talented DJ's around the east coast and even a few friends from over seas, everything fell into place.


This rapidly growing DJ should not go overlooked or underestimated as he has burned up the dance floor for events such as the massive Candyball, Tight Crew's Space Jam 2, Mario Party & Nightmare Before Christmas, Mutiny's Back From the Dead to School 2, and Hard Hits on numerous occasions. There is no slow down in sight as this signed DJ of Trackmaster Music & Monster of Morlock Musik unleashes his uplifting chaos!



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