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DJ RAY - (Addiktive Beats Crew / Diehard on Decks)(Boston, MA)
(House of all kinds, Drum & Bass, Trap, Twerk, Glitch Hop, Hip Hop, Trance) 

It’s 1998 and Ray is watching MTV (back when ‘M’ meant Music and not Mindless). It was a week dedicated to the DJ and every day they were showcasing some of the greatest talent on the wheels of steel. While the idea of scratching a record was certainly not new to him; this was Ray’s first time experiencing the ‘art’ of DJing. Greats, like Grandmaster Flash, were there showing off his old school style while DJ Roy Barboza from Jamin’ 9.45 mixed up some 90’s hip hop. Don’t forget the MTV staple DJ; DJ Scribble. By the end of the week he was truly inspired! Having played the bass during high school in two different bands, Ray already had a passion for music and wanted to play with it in a new way.

Cue my first set of turntables: (Birthday 98’ thanks mom )
Vinyl was hard to come by as a teen growing up on the Cape but he did whatever he could to acquire it. Mostly hip hop singles (doubles of course). He practiced and practiced and then started to tell his friends he was DJ. Basement parties ensued and he was showcasing his newly found skills to the masses. Then it happened; someone asked him if he had ever been to a rave. Oddly enough he had just seen the movie Go so the word ‘RAVE’ actually meant something to him and as if some strange synchronicity he thought to himself ‘GO’.  It was all down the figurative hole from there… It was June 11, 1999; the party was called Majik. The vibe was real and the music deep. By the end of the night Ray had found a new sound to play with and his journey had just begun…. Or so he thought, life can have a funny way of getting in the way. Having to step back from the scene in 2001 his DJing became so underground that only a select handful of close friends got to hear him spin until recently…
In 2011 DJ Ray stepped back into the world and went to work for Easty Productions spinning twice a month at Carlin’s Tavern. Then in 2012 they teamed up to put on “The Party”, a weekly EDM night at Whiplash in Stoughton, MA. Acting as the resident DJ; Ray spun alongside Jeff LeClair, Tony Dispirito, and Soappy, a short lived project but a step in the right direction.

In 2013 Ray joined up with Addiktive Beats Crew; a South Shore based crew who brings you Delirium in Quincy, MA; putting not only his DJ skills to work but his graphic design skills as well. Ray was the creative mind behind all the Delirium graphics from 2013 and on.  Now, after nearly two years and 3 venues, Delirium is still running strong and has transitioned from a monthly event to a weekly event at the Half Door in Quincy Center. Delirium has brought out some of the biggest talent in the New England Scene such as; DJ Venom, DJ Knowledge, Parallax, Midas, Mike Skillz, DJ Wubson and many, many more. In 2015 Ray was asked to join the crew Diehard on Decks which holds a weekly event at the Half Door as well. 

Ray is now on a journey (into sound) to make his name known across the South Shore and beyond. His recent accomplishments include winning Live Free & Dance’s mix contest and performing a set at their party, Sugar: Booty and Bass, at the Artist Development Center in Southbridge, MA. He was then featured on The Audio Spectrum 7-9-2014 spinning a Glitch Hop set in the second hour. In February 2015 he won the Tight Crew Mix Contest and performed a set at Booty and the Beats 3.

Ray also can be found subbing in for a lot of his friends and can be heard spinning open format sets Friday and Saturday nights in various venues such as: Cityside (Boston, MA) South Side Tavern (Braintree, MA) The Half Door (Quincy, MA) Northstar (Boston, MA) Follow him on twitter @djrayboston to keep up with where He’s at.