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It was only a matter of time before one of Long Island’s favorite hardbass heroes and New Jersey’s Hardstyle Badboy would join forces to become the duo known as the Hardbass Addicts.   After years of rocking decks all across the Northeast, Dice and Cepheus linked up in October of 2007 to create a new brand of wall-shakin’, floor-rockin’ hardstyle that truly represents the genre to its fullest extent.

Individually, the boys have played some of the biggest and baddest parties in recent memory, droppin’ bombs at events like Whistle, Collaborate, I Have a Dream, Unify, Colosseum, and Saturday Morning Cartunes.  Together, the two – affectionately dubbed “HbA” by their loyal fanbase – have sought to carve out their niche as the preeminent hardstyle tag team on the East Coast, taking their signature style to events like Hard Bass Massive, Nocturnal Rituals, Hard Hits, Mario Party, and Naughty Neon.  In addition to their consistent gigging schedule, the two have gotten together to complete work on mixes like “East Coast Beatdown 3: Hardstyle Edition”, “Hardbass: Generation”, and their most recent mix, "Partners in Crime", with all projects garnering acclaim by partygoers and promoters alike.  This creative trend is surely going to continue into 2015 and beyond, as the boys are set to start work on original productions in addition to the continuation of the “Partners...” series of mixes.

Whether it's nustyle or rawstyle, jumpstyle or the classic sound of the reverse bass, the Hardbass Addicts tear it out each and every time they take control of the dance floor.



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